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Open at 11:30 for lunch

About The Restaurant

We have evolved since becoming restaurateurs in 1993. Entering our lucky sixteenth year, we hold on as a one-of-a-kind establishment in a field dominated by franchises.

We are kind of an odd blend of a Mom and Pop place and a Greenwich Village hangout. The Mom and Pop side wants you to eat everything on your plate. The Greenwich Village side makes sure your plate is filled with food your Mom never even dreamed of.

Our charming building started its life as a local doctor's office in 1950 (the same year our cook started his); after about 35 years, it was turned into an accounting office, and then it had fallen on hard times as a tanning/hair salon before we rescued it. Large glass brick windows are the nicest feature.

Mismatched Formica table and chair sets remind most people of their childhood or their grandparents' house. The decor has some quirky touches; people often exclaim over the wallpaper in the bathroom. Our atmosphere is relaxed. Our staff is small. There are never more than two people working at the same time! That means no one hovers around your table, constantly asking if everything is okay.

Come in for brunch/lunch if you want an excellent meal. Bear in mind that we don't do fast food. We hope you'll be able to adapt to our surroundings!

If the big globelight by the front door is on, we're in!

Lunch and Dinner by Reservation Only

(812) 237-0400

Parking in the Community Theatre lot is okay

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Harry and Bud's

We are located across the street from the Community Theatre...