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Why I am Alone (Except on Thursdays)

My wife, who used to come in to help me out, always claimed a good server has to be an advocate for the customer. Naturally, that created conflict between us. She was advocating a shorter wait. I was telling her, "It'll be done when it's done" or, when I saw by her angry eyes that Zen response would produce the emotional equivalent of throwing water on a grease fire, "Tell them seven minutes."

Then the eyes would roll. And I could see she wished it was my head.

She wasn't only waiting tables, of course. She bussed them, washed the dishes, and rang people up.

Early on, with this Internet thing, there were a couple of reviews on some site. I heard about them, and asked her to look them up. Great comments about the food - the only complaint was that the waitress wasn't friendly enough. They noted she had disappeared into the kitchen instead of chatting with them about their satisfaction with the food. They seemed particularly put out that, being the only ones in the place, they hadn't been sufficiently fawned upon.

Well, here's the thing. For every plate I sit on the customer's table, I've probably dirtied three or four in the kitchen. And I'm not including pots and pans. Or silverware. So, a table of two, might mean twenty plates to be washed. My wife says that's excessive. I don't know. I never worked at a restaurant except my own.

But still. She's back there trying to keep up with the dishes, and people are reporting she's a slacker at her job. Maybe that was the final straw.

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